Adventure travel is an interaction with nature, interaction with culture and a physical activity at least two and preferably all three in the same trip. The area with hills and a lot of scope for adventure one of the most visited tourist destination in India, Munnar Adventures, offers you all three. Exploring Munnar Adventures will bring you across lots of adventure leaded by experts, plus the beauty of nature which you will find a feast to your eyes

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We are the young and energetic professionally trained team in adventure sports activities especially in Mountaineering. We are purposefully promoting Adventure Tourism activities in and around Munnar. We are being given training to Schools, Colleges, Navy, Clubs and tourists. We are specially promoting Rock Activities, Rope Activities, Rope Structure making, Mountain Equipment study, Gliding etc. In our team everyone has their own specialization
in Mountaineering, Rope Knots, Archeology, Bird Watching, Naturalist, Photography, Guiding etc. We are conducting Environment and Wild life awareness study classes to Schools & Colleges with free of cost. Our motto is to bring out adventurism from every one’s mind

Camp Tea Forest

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World’s first and only campsite inside the fully grown Tea forest. The highest campsite in South india, spend your day sipping a hot cup of tea, with a book, admiring the ambience of the campsite. Go on a sunrise trek to Kolukkumalai ,experience the nature and be swept off by the breathtaking view of clouds, trek through jungle, sit around campfire on a cold night, meet likeminded people, indulge in a bit of stargazing, forget your mobile phones, disconnect yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life & lose track of time!



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Happy travelers

Aneena shibu

It was one of the best experiences ever.The team Munnar adventures was really awesome. Their service was amazing. The way they treated us, their behavior,each and everything is really wonderful.It is because of them our trip became this much beautiful and memorable. It's really a true treasure for me. Thank you team for giving us such a wonderful experience 🤩🤩🤩

Principal Marian College Kuttikkanam Autonomous

The trekking adventure trip with the faculty members of Marian College Kuttikkanam with the support of young, trained and energetic members of Munnar Adventures was an unforgettable experience in my life and in the lives of all my colleagues. Helped a lot in team and confidence building.

Jithin Johny

We were a group of 4 who visited Kolukkumala in December 2021. It was a great experience being in their camp. Trekking, food and the feel of staying in the forest was incredible. Their hospitality was also appreciable 😍. Love to be there once again soon😃

Veni S

Trekking was just amazing. During the hike you'll dive into the beautiful tea plantations. Enjoyed the homemade starters, dinner and breakfast too. Good arrangement with nice trekking and camping. Clean toilets. Tent stay was just superb. That was a lifetime experience for me. They provide quality sleeping bags and provide us utmost care. We had a very good guide support team who were knowledgeable about the region and history. The cloud bed view and sunrise viewpoint after the morning trek was like heaven. I highly recommend a trek with munnar adventure team ❤️👍


Wonder full experiyance i stayed @ tea forest camp on 03/12/21... With my family... Awesome stay... Food... Ambiance... Trekking... Hospitality was rememberable...I booked for my second visit Jan 2022....Over all 5***** Thanks Prince & VINOD see you soon ❤❤❤❤❤

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